Creating Widespread Opportunity in a Disruptive Era

Time: 10:15am – 11:00am

Room: Bianca Dining Room

Speakers: Amy Liu, The Brookings Institution

Drawing on more than two decades of experience working with public, private, and philanthropic leaders on strategies to build more productive, inclusive metropolitan economies, Brookings VP and Metropolitan Policy Program Director Amy Liu will discuss how creating opportunity in low-income neighborhoods requires a comprehensive, and regional, perspective. Disruptive forces including globalization, technology, and demographic change offer tremendous potential benefits, but also present sizable challenges to communities across the United States. VP Liu will explain how leaders can adapt their strategies for empowering low-income residents and underserved communities to reflect these new realities. She will close by describing a few promising initiatives underway in cities and regions across the country that are seeking to connect low-income individuals and neighborhoods to broader regional opportunities.