Making Sense of the Future of CRA

Time: 9:00am – 9:45am

Room: Bianca Dining Room

Panel: Seth Reimer, KeyBank; Royce Sutton, Fifth Third Bank; Moderated by Rey Ocanas, BBVA

The future that was barely conceivable in 1977 is here, with tech innovations that make it possible for financial institutions to embrace the spirit of the CRA in powerful new ways. With the expansion of communities into the digital space, the transformation of transactions, and the rise of data, the banking landscape has shifted immensely in the past decade. The big questions is; how do we adapt to meet the future and remain ahead of impending changes to regulation? During this panel session we will hear how banks are meeting this challenge today and how they will interact with CRA to meet the CRA requirements, and what they expect to change the future.